Medical Insurance

International students must pay for mandatory medical insurance when studying in Delta School District. There are different medical plans depending on the length of the study term:


  • Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage is required by law for all BC residents. International students studying for 1 year or longer are covered by MSP. There is a three month waiting period before MSP coverage begins (starting once the student arrives), so students will be covered by private medical insurance (Student Guard) during this waiting period. See Medical Services Plan (MSP) showing coverage details

Students on MSP will also have additional benefits called Guard Me Plus BC. This top up plan includes some extra benefits which are outlined here:

Students leaving the province for vacations or other purposes must buy additional medical insurance. Responsibility for this lies with the student and parents.


  • Student Guard is a private medical insurance plan that will be used for full year students during their three month waiting period for MSP coverage. It will also be used for any short term students who are studying for less than 1 year (including summer and winter camps).

See coverage details at Student Guard


Instructions on submitting Guard.Me Claim: Making a Guard.Me Claim

When the student ceases to be part of Delta School District’s International Program, medical insurance becomes the responsibility of the student and parents/guardian.
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